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 The Kent London Athletics network has been providing running opportunities for the South East London and North West Kent communities since 2010 

About us

Welcome to Kent London Athletics Network

We are dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of endurance and recreational running for all members of the local communities. 

A brief history of the Network

The Kent London Athletics Network was formed in 2010 with four clubs involved in track & field athletics and endurance running with financial assistance initially from England Athletics sponsorship, then becoming five clubs in 2011, and staying that way until 2015.

Its income was withdrawn in 2015 when EA sponsorship ended and three clubs left the Network, with two remaining, but has since been built back up to eight with three new clubs and a return of the three which had left in 2015 and with a new emphasis on recreational and endurance running.

There are 8 clubs within the Kent London Athletics Network as of 2020 :

The Network’s aim is to put on a programme of annual visits by top quality endurance coaches and prominent athletes or organisers of running events.

Over the last two years, we have hosted coaching sessions with talks by GB and EA lead marathon coach Nick Anderson, ultra-runner extraordinaire Susie Chan, parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt and 2hr 23mins marathoner Mara Yamauchi. 

Additionally and in order to fund its projects, the Network organises an annual summer race, the Bromley Midsummer Evening 10k around the fields of Bromley Common including an outgoing and an incoming lap of Norman Park - it's flat and it's fast and it's furious! 

The Bromley Midsummer Evening 10k will take place in 2020 on 24th June at 7.30 pm.


Held each year on a Wednesday evening nearest to Midsummer Day, starting in the park outside Norman Park track and running through Bromley Common and back, all on grass and trails.

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Contact Us

Please get in touch if you want more information about races and events organised by the Kent London Athletics Network.

For further information and for updates from the Kent London Athletics Network, please go to our Facebook page (see below)